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Gear shift "Click" (?)

r3hxnr3hxn Posts: 127
edited June 2014 in MTB workshop & tech
On my left shifters ( front derailleur) , when I shift down a gear theres the usual satisfying click. But when changing up a gear, this is non existent. It still changes gears ok, (does need a little more thumb force then perhaps what I would expect). Just wondering if this is considered ok, maybe a design ? and if it is not normal and there something up with the shifters I just wanted to know if it is worth a dissemble/reassemble.


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  • Chunkers1980Chunkers1980 Posts: 8,035
    You've given no info on what they are. But the click comes from the release of the mechanism in the shifter. Any click moving to a bigger cog will be the 'lock' to the position
  • bikaholicbikaholic Posts: 350
    If it's a Shimano shifter then the internals may just need lubrication.

    Shimano trigger shifter internals are extremely robust and very rarely break even after years of regular usage. They can, however, be affected by the factory grease drying up and the nut on the end of the big central bolt coming loose or becoming tight.

    What you need to do is work a few drops of oil into the internal shifting mechanism, and then check the tightness of the nut if that did not solve the problem
  • r3hxnr3hxn Posts: 127
    thanks ( yes they are Shimano, not sure on exact model, as dont have them to check right now)

    Although I guess it was more a general question on whether or not to expect a click

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    Scott Scale - Custom mtb - Work in progress
  • supersonicsupersonic Posts: 82,708 Lives Here
    Some click more than others. Shimano LX 575 hardly had any click. Most Altus have a very pronounced click. Lube as above and see what happens.
  • r3hxnr3hxn Posts: 127
    Clean and lube fixed it. It now clicks both directions ! Thanks

    Cannondale Cx2 Hybrid
    Scott Scale - Custom mtb - Work in progress
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