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Alreet all? :D
Thought I would come and break my bike radar forum post cherry here, seems appropriate

So Ive drifted away from motor bikes of late, (just sold the R1 (no self control, apparantly the throttle goes the other way :roll: ) although i have still got the enduro dirt bike (Yamaha wr 250 f) ) I have been hammering the trails on my mtb lots over the last few years. Been pootling around on a trek fuel ex 8 till recently, sold that tho.....

Just picked up a new Whyte 129 works, and have just booked into the Megavalanche next month. 8) :shock:
The feeling right now is a mix of excitement tempered by fear and adrenaline. But mostly fear. :|

Now I know the Whyte falls in the trail end of the spectrum, thats what Im riding the mega on. Frankly that's the mtb I have, I'm not buying new forks, or getting a dh bike, or really need to imo. 5 years ago everyone run 140 mm then 160 now 180mm. So afaiac the Whyte is my weapon of choice.

Really loooking for ward to the mega, and although the riding doesn't scare me, when maybe it should, the thing I am most concerned about is getting the right insurance. Been looking about and Insure and go do a policy for about £50, curious if any of you lovely internet peeps have any info from personal experience?

Beyond that I reckon I'm gonna go tubeless Maxxis minions fr and rr, dual ply 42 a compound, and try and rock proof my downtube with an old tyre and buy a small bike shop of spares.
I keep in pretty good shape overall (circuit training 3 times a week) although prob dont ride as much as i could what with work and family commitments.
So any other mega tips from those that have?
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