Which Saddle Pack?

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I've always used the Bontrager Pro Pack clip on (size large), but it seems every 6 months the zip wears out and eventually fails resulting in a new pack being bought....


I tried a different pack, but soon realised it had a harsh velcro strap that went around the seat tube and wore a hole in my bib shorts which I wasn't impressed about.

I like a large pack so I can fit a spare tube, wallet, keys, levers & multi-tool, I don't really like having those items in jersey pockets, I prefer to keep them free for cereal bars etc...

Any recommendations?


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    I've just binned two of those at the weekend. Both with failed zips. No suggestions though!
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    Topeak Aero wedge?
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    I had a Wilkinson's saddle bag that was fairly cavernous that lasted for about 5 years before the handle for the zip broke off- for <£5 it has very good innings.
    I'm currently on a small Topeak aero wedge for normal use, which can take my tools without problem, but probably not a wallet.
    I also recently acquired a n Ortilieb 'micro' saddle bag which has roll closure, and easily has as much space as the Topeak, if not more, plus they do much larger sizes. You won't have a problem from velcro with those, and they seem very well put together and fully waterproof without breaking the bank. I'm pretty sure mine came with a 5 year warranty, but I must admit I've lost the card for now!
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    I've had my Lezyne Caddy (Medium) for nearly a year, both the zip and the quick release work as new. Holds two inner tubes, a small multi tool, co2 pump.... but not allot else. Although the inner pocket/sleeves help with keeping a few extra bits (e.g. emergency patches)

    Doesn't attach to seat post, so no problems there. Not the cheapest, but looks about as good as a saddle bag can (IMHO!)
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    There's always the 'none at all approach'. I've just replaced the stuff in the background (over winter kept in a tool bottle but in a saddle bag in the summer months when I need both cages for water) with the items in the foreground which happily go in a jersey pocket along with two inner tubes, phone, money, gels and maybe a windproof jacket and armwarmers etc depending on weather.

    Basically, it is a Leyzne Puncture repair kit (alloy case with tyre levers for caps) and a Planet X Jobsworth mini multi-tool (both of which fit in a small Leyzne Caddy Sack along with my cash). Not completely convinced about the multi tool but I lose no sleep about it on club rides where alternatives will always be at hand. Might go for a tool with a little more sophistication if I was riding alone.

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    I have the Topeak on all my bikes and they are pretty good.

    I`ve removed the one on my road bike though, as I cant bring mesell to bolt it to my Carbon Paradigm saddle.
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    I have had a medium (or large) topeak Aero and it is excellent. I don't use the clip on one, though I prefer the straps.
    I like the idea of using an old water bottle to carry stuff, but I do a lot of long rides and like 2 water bottles.
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    Not the Fizik clip bag. Although I could get a folded tub, multi tool, spare link, sealant and Co2 pump in it, the hinge is weak resulting in it snapping in no time at all. A great little bag spoilt by the inferior plastic of the clip.


    I now use the same bag with velcro straps.
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  • hope you don't mind me jumping on the end of this thread, but do any of the above bags fit a mini pump at all? can't put it on my frame so need a bag big enough, thanks :)
  • Colinthecop
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    I can fit a blackburn airstik (I think it is) in my Specialized mini wedgie.

    Along with a spare tube, 3 tyre levers, some scabs and a multi tool.
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    hope you don't mind me jumping on the end of this thread, but do any of the above bags fit a mini pump at all? can't put it on my frame so need a bag big enough, thanks :)

    Mini pump in jersey pocket.
  • Saddle packs are the devils spawn
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    Saddle packs are the devils spawn

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    Saddle packs are the devils spawn

    Absolutely - I wear a great big bum-bag.
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    hope you don't mind me jumping on the end of this thread, but do any of the above bags fit a mini pump at all? can't put it on my frame so need a bag big enough, thanks :)
    I have a Topeak medium aero wedge medium that fits mini pump plus mini tool, 2 inner tube, tyre levers and mobile phone. Have however just switched to stuffing everything in to a water bottle type holder as shown in a previous comment.
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    Lezyne or altura do decent ones
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    Topeak are good, but I had trouble with the clip on version needing my seat to be moved back to fit so I'd recommend the one with the straps.
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    The Edinburgh Revolution Adventure seatpack also has good capacity.