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oxomanoxoman Posts: 11,728
Has anybody done this before, I'm doing the 65 mile one as prep for the Tour of The National Forest 100 miler later in the year as i haven't ridden in the Charnwood area before. Most of the other areas i already ride in but not Charnwood hence chickening out by only doing the 65 miler. Was hoping to try the area out before hand but family duties kind of stop me going to far from home, especially as no chance of rescue if i have problems.
Too many bikes according to Mrs O.


  • randorando Posts: 285
    I have signed up for the Leicester Super tour - 112 mile route. Not done this exact route before but as I am from Leicester I have ridden on many of the roads that the route uses. I did the Tour of the National Forest event in May (100 miles). It is a great event and very well organised . The route for the National Forest has some good hills and a couple of real testers near the end so be warned !
    Looking at the super tour route it has a good mixture of hills and decent stretches of flat road to get your speed up.
    You cpuld always change which route you take on the day so if feeling good then when they split take the longer option. Or if it is raining then take the short option !!
  • oxomanoxoman Posts: 11,728
    Completed the 90 miler today in less than 6 hrs with 4500ft climbing, well happy. Well organised and marked, they managed to find every hill in the area I think. Would recommend for next year if it's on.
    Too many bikes according to Mrs O.
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