Which 25mm Tyres

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Hi all,

Just noticed a nick in my sidewall on my continental GP 4 Seasons and the inner tube is poking though!

As I now have summer/winter wheels :) This is prompting me to get some new rubber!

Firstly does the holy grail of red-strip 25mm tyres exist? As I have never seen them :(

Failing that what the best 25mm tyre? Tried googling this but I just find threads of 23 vs 25mm ......
Going on a Giant Defy Advanced not that that matter too much.

Thank you!


  • nammynake
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    I'm really impressed with my 25mm Mavic Yksion Pro. Previously used GP4000s which are excellent but the Mavics are very impressive in the dry. Not tried them in the wet but they're on my dry/summer bike so probably won't see any wet days.
  • rjkflyer
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    GP 4000S MkII seem really good - just that little bit more supple than the GP4S and more confident grip in the dry.