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New wheelset

peterwilliamspeterwilliams Posts: 6
edited May 2014 in Workshop

Just bought a new wheelset from hope, hope hoops with hope pro 3 mono hubs.

Just wondering, do these wheels require the thin spanner normally required to remove the freehub as I will be immediately replacing the alloy freehub with a new steel one.

I have ordered the hope seal tool to put the freehub on, and I have got a chain whip and lockring tool to remove the cassette on my current wheel to put on the new wheel.

By the looks of it, there are no bolts on the ends like my current wheel, am I correct in saying I can just pull the freehub off, put the new one on with a seal tool, slide my cassette on, tighten the cassette and put the skewers in and go, or will I need more tools?


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