Fake Colnago or not

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Hello people,

I am rather new to the whole Colnago world, so can someone plese help me and tell me if this is a fake or real Colnago...
Seems to be missing some very important distinctive elements.

I uploaded some pictures.
This is the original announcement: http://olx.ro/oferta/cursiera-colnago-ID1U6CJ.html

Thank you in advance for all the help!


  • florinip
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    Two more images.
    Thanks for the help!
  • cougie
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    I'm no expert - but are there any cloverleafs on the lugs at all ? Your photos aren't clear enough to tell.

    Anyone can buy stickers.
  • florinip
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    These are the photos I got, the bike is on its way (didn't pay anything yet).
    From what the guy selling it told me over the phone it has NO cloverleafs, no stamped nothing (only stickers).

    I thought maybe it was a model, like the Colnago Sport with no special/distinctive features.
    That is why I am asking...
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    Top of the seat stays would be useful I'd have thought. The lug work looks a lot like that of my old 501 tubed Dawes - not really what I'd expect a Colnago to look like.
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  • Iḿ no expert but looks suspect to me, as above, no cloverleafs, stickers only, and the BB shell is very plain.
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    Is that a Romanian numberplate in the background on one of the pictures.....?
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    I doubt it's real either, don't think any Colnago's use those cable guides on the top tube. If you want a definitive answer go post on http://www.retrobike.co.uk/forum/ and they'll tell you for sure.
  • JayKosta
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    The Shimano 600 components suggest it is not a top-of-line model of 'whatever maker'. But it still might be a very acceptable bike depending on price.
    It looks like it needs a thorough cleaning and probably total regrease of all bearings.
    Check the brazing on the lugs for any signs of voids, or excess run-out.
    Also check all the frame tubes for signs of bending or damage - feel the tubes for 'bumps' & 'lumps', and examine the paint for flaking or peeling.

    My guess is that if it weights about 22 pounds and dosn't need major repair or parts, then it's probably a decent bike.
    Assume the Colnago stickers are 'just for looks' and don't add any value.

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