Sram Red Cassette - Worth The Money?

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Evening all

I'm selling the 11-25 Dura Ace cassette that came on my Foil as I need a 28 on the back for all the Peak District hills. My groupset is all Sram Red, so I'm looking at a matching cassette but it's 4 times the price of the 'normal' Sram PG1070.

In short, is it worth paying the huge premium? I'll probably get around £90 back for the Dura Ace one so at least that would soften the blow a bit.

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  • norvernrob
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    Or, do I go for the cheaper Dura Ace and get a 12-27 for closer ratios?
  • mfin
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    A DuraAce cassette is better when running Sram Red in my experience, and cheaper to buy.

    So, if you're toying between the two, and those are the only two you are considering, I'd go for the DuraAce every time if 12-27 will be ok for you.

    If it's 10 speed you are after
  • robbo2011
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    Just go with the PG1070. I actually found that the PG1070 shifts better than the Red cassette it replaced.
  • on-yer-bike
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    How can it be?
  • I made a switch from a red cassette to an ultegra one. Much better shifting, much less noise! No brainier when it comes to cost also (£33 from wiggle for the ultegra)
  • Monty Dog
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    Top-end cassettes are not worth the money IMO - in the quest to reduce weight they use lightweight alloys which wear quicker
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  • norvernrob
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    Thanks for the replies, got an Ultegra 11-28 for £33 and it looks pretty much the same as the dura ace one apart from being slightly heavier. It seems to shift nicely and saved me £70 on a dura ace one and well over £100 on a Sram red.
  • banditvic
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    I am a bit of a weight weenie, but for the money Ultegra every time.
  • milese
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    If you have to ask its not worth the money.

    You'll only know the difference by looking, not riding.

    I use Ultegra with my Red.
  • ck101
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    That SRAM red cassette is a noisy thing. It's so noisy it's irritating. Switched mine for an Ultegra also.
  • gsk82
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    the largest sprocket is filled in ie you cant see into the middle of the cassette, which looks pretty sexy. other than that i couldn't care less and will be replacing with something cheaper. its certainly not noisy though, but mine's set up correctly :wink:
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  • ck101
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    That's why the Ultegra was instantly quiet, because it was set up correctly :) The noise from SRAM red cassette is well documented: ... 15453.html

    As is the ropey front mech shift action.
  • peteone
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    I think the noise issue was the on the og cassette due to the backplate. Presumably the op is talking about the newer xg which doesn't suffer the same issue. For what it's worth I have the xg and the 1070 and when the xg is done and dusted I'm gonna replace with a 1070. Whilst the red is nice it's a lot of cash to fork out for a consumable.
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  • Bar Shaker
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    The Red noise was from the one piece CNC billet units. The whole thing resonated. The new elastomer cassettes are silent.

    My 1170 arrived this morning :-)
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  • paul_mck
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    tried one with my Red groupset and went back to a 1070 I think it was. Its bordering on a consumable item so not worth the cash imo.
  • paul_mck wrote:
    Its bordering on a consumable item so not worth the cash imo.

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