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Highest spec carbon C2W scheme

1010011010100110 Posts: 17
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Hi all

Quick question, I'm buying a road bike using the cycle to work scheme and have a budget of 1k, I want the highest spec carbon I can get for riding to work as fast and as aerodynamically as possible.

The issue is I am 6ft 3.5 which really limits my options to:

Boardman road carbon 57.5
Dolan L'Etape 56 (59 top tube)

What do you think? Are there any others that I have missed that you would recommend?

I'm not sure that the 56cm Dolan would be big enough which is a shame as I really like the bike.

Anyway, any recommendations would be great fully received, my height is a problem going via this scheme.



  • me-109me-109 Posts: 1,908
    10100110 wrote:
    Quick question, I'm buying a road bike using the cycle to work scheme and have a budget of 1k, I want the highest spec carbon I can get for future riding to work.

    FTFY. :wink:
  • Miles253Miles253 Posts: 535
    Surely you would need a bigger than a 57 frame no? I'm 6ft 4 and need a 60 or bigger, I get away with a 58 but I don't think the fit is ideal. Also I think Planet X do cycle to work. They do claim to cater up to 198 cm. there pro carbon is £1000 with Ultegra.
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  • 1010011010100110 Posts: 17
    :D oops yep of course I will also be using it to cycle to work as well :wink:
    This is the problem the frame size for my height, I would love a Planet X but they don't accept Halfords vouchers which is the scheme I can only use :cry: so I guess I'm stuck with a max of 57.5 or an alu.

    Maybe I should just save up and fund it myself but its a good deal through the scheme.

    EDIT: I probably know the answer already, but a 56cm frame with a 59cm top tube (sloping), still too small with adequately raised seat? ... ilder.html
  • cescocesco Posts: 252
    I bought the Dolan l'Etape a couple of months ago (and still mean to write a review), 56cm and I'm 6ft3 (191cm). No problems for me whatsoever. That said, their sizing guide suggests a maximum of 6ft5, and I think that's pushing it. Personally, I like smaller frames (see George Hincapie for example) and this bike is JUST right for me. You might want to look into a longer stem though. My 120mm is fine, but depending on your build a 140mm might work better for you.

    Size aside, great bike!
  • 1010011010100110 Posts: 17
    Thanks cesco I was hoping for a reply like yours! I am going to look at the boardman today but I think the Dolan is a better bike for the money from what I've read online so will probably go for that but I'll check out the boardman anyway.

  • bigaacbigaac Posts: 72
    I'd advise you to get the right frame for your size rather than just a carbon frame for the sake of it. Speak to an LBS and ask their advice on frame size. I'm guessing they'll suggest a 58
  • AnonymousAnonymous Posts: 79,667
    I think they will suggest more than a 58, but they are not sizing gods lol

    I am 6'1" ish and a Cannodale 56 feels too big
    Some 56/57/58's are huge. Not sure about Boardmans or Dolans though.

    Depends who you speak to in any given shop and height is only part of the mix anyway.

    59cm virtual top tube sounds long enough to me.
  • 1010011010100110 Posts: 17
    Well I went down to the cycling shop we all love today and tried a 57.5 boardman which seemed fine with the seat raised, however all the sizing guides recommend a minimum of 58cm (34 inside leg), so for the sake of half a cm...?

    The boardman has a top tube height of 58.5cm and a frame size of 57.5cm.
    The Dolan is 59cm top tube and 56cm frame.

    Based on the above I think the Boardman is the winner, its either this or I have to fund the purchase myself and buy a 58-60cm - in which case I would save up for a Planet-X but it would probably take me most of the summer to do it.

    Is there anyone else here around my height with a 57.5cm frame?

    What is the problem with raising the seat if the top tube is slightly raised in itself? (just asking so I don't make any mistakes)

    Thanks :D
  • Father FaffFather Faff Posts: 1,176
    Trouble is everyone is a different shape, different arm lengths, torso lengths, leg lengths, flexibility, etc. A decent dealer should set you up on the right sized bike. You may be perfectly fine on a 57.5cm frame. And of course frame sizes and geometry vary between manufacturers so a 54 Colnago is more like a 56 Scott. Some frames have longer headtubes for a more upright position.
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  • 1010011010100110 Posts: 17
    Thanks all for your input it is much appreciated.

    I'm just waiting for the loc now and then I will get the boardman! I can't wait.

  • andy9964andy9964 Posts: 930
    Halfords say they can source any brand bike, so no need to restrict yourself to the Boardman if you don't want to.
  • ElliesDadElliesDad Posts: 245
    It's a long shot, but the Giant Defy Composite 3 has a RRP of £1099 and gets really good reviews, so if you could negotiate a discount then it could possibly scrape under the magic grand limit. This is a long shot though as Halfords will only source other brand bikes at RRP and a lot of Independants that accept the vouchers won't reduce the price as they have to pay commission to the Halfords C2W scheme. Some Independants do sometimes but will more than likely ask you to pay the commission cost!
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  • JoeblackJoeblack Posts: 829
    I'm 6'3" and ride a 57.5 on my dale, it's listed as a 58, iv changed the stem from 120 to 100mm and shoved the seat back, it fits me perfectly.
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