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different options and price rang "Trek vs Canyon"

MGS88MGS88 Posts: 5
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Hello , good (morning/afternoon/night :mrgreen: )
my first bike was trek fx7.2 use it 6 month's before deciding to go roadie
I like it but in +50Km rides with group of road bikes I shouldn't tell you what's its look like
:cry: .................................................. ............................... :lol::lol::lol:

we have in my country just one dealer "Trek" and with limited road bikes .i.e(1.1&1.2 and carbon Madone 3.1)
however I can buy Canyon from their website

anyway my options is :

carbon Trek Domane 4.0 the one with Tiagra(10sp) priced at $1985 weighs ~ 9kg
aluminium Canyon Roadlite 7.0 with Ultegra(11sp) priced at $1960 weighs 7.95kg

in the other hand I think that I'm still new to it and I shouldn't put all the cash in a bike
so there is a choice for lower prices bike which I prefer to save something for other equipments

aluminium Trek Madone 2.1 with 105(10sp) priced at $1350 I don't know the weight but should be 9 to 10kg

aluminium Canyon Roadlite 6.0 with 105(10sp) priced at $1640 weighs 8.3kg

my heart with Domane because it's a carbon but I'm not very convenience about carbon due the fear of crashes. as I fall down 3 times during my first bike
Madone 2.1 every one in my group use it and I should take couple of minutes to figure out who's the owner when we put them together in the stops
Canyon well be special as no one have it in my country but 7.0 well take more than a month to arrive but 6.0 well take couple of weeks or so
I don't have anyone to give me though about the strength of Canyon as they are very light aluminium

Best regards & ride safe.


  • MGS88MGS88 Posts: 5
    not a single word?
    trust me a "hi" well be more than enough at this situation :(
  • jeannot18jeannot18 Posts: 720
    I am not probably the most qualified to give you advice on buying a new bike, but on paper, between the first 2 you are talking about, the Canyon wins hands down. Lighter and a much better groupset, don't know about what wheels you will be getting, but I have a MTB Canyon, and I know that they always use quality components.
    Now for the negative, you won't be able to try the Canyon until you buy it, unless you know someone that has got one so you try it and see what size you need (thus there is enough info on the net to find out what size somebody else (with the same high) bought.
    That's my 2 cents, hope it helps
    Pédale ou crève
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  • cenkeecenkee Posts: 71
    I would choose the lightest bike with the better groupset which is the canyon roadlite. You will probably want to upgrade if you get one of the the entry level bikes after a couple of months anyway. :-)
  • MGS88MGS88 Posts: 5
    appreciate that you make my decision easier
    I'm really close to get a Madone 2.1 as they said when I call them that the price is after a 30% discount and weighs 9.1kg
    but the seller told me to get 2.3 which has a better wheel set (Bontrager Race Slr tubeless ready) and 105 brakes with extra $211 rather than approver alloy rims and dual pivot brakes
    by the way Canyon charging $420 just for shipping!
    that's really dumb only selling online with that shipping prices
    planet x shipping price is $160 so no excuse for them

    here's some pics

    Madone 2.1

    Madone 2.3
  • top_bhoytop_bhoy Posts: 1,424
    I've noticed that as well. The difference in shipping prices between places is, in some cases, vast. What adds to the 'confusion' is that its not always the place selling the cheapest bike which attracts the highest shipping cost. Shipping costs almost appear to be random.
  • BozmanBozman Posts: 2,518
    Why would you buy a Trek? I made that mistake a couple of times and given the choice I'd buy Canyon.
  • MGS88MGS88 Posts: 5
    what's wrong with Trek? in details if you don't mind
    Canyon with $420 shipping price will be the dumbest thing I've done
    I send them a message about it and after a whole week they send the reply that they can't do anything to this as they shipping them separately?!?!??
    gives you reply after a week isn't expected at "online seller"
  • MrSwearyMrSweary Posts: 1,699
    Canyon - hands down. Not that I'm biased. 8)

    Seriously though - full Ultegra vs Tiagra. Worth it just for the brakes let alone the rest of the kit.
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  • jeannot18jeannot18 Posts: 720
    MGS88 wrote:
    appreciate that you make my decision easier
    by the way Canyon charging $420 just for shipping!
    that's really dumb only selling online with that shipping prices

    Don't you anyone in the UK that could then forward the bike to you, it would not cost that much to ship to you, I think

    Pédale ou crève
    Specialized Elite Allez with 105
    Rockrider 8.1 : )
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