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i am looking at getting something to help transport my bike, mainly for holidays and long weekends etc. now i know i could get a bike rack and i am considering this also. i (plus the wife seems keen) like the idea of a bag or more likely box to put it in. i also saw some people at my last sportive transporting their bike in this way. does anyone have recommendations of experiences with this? thank you. for the record i have a golf and i am 6'3 so a very large bike lol. cheers
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    I've used a Tifosi XL padded bag before. Plenty of room left around my M/L frame. Just have to pad it out with pipe lagging and bubble wrap if going on a plane. As for boxes, check out Scion or Bike Box Alan.
    BBA also hire boxes.
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    Bike Box Alan are expensive but they are very very good. Can get loads in them not just the bike.
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    if it's domestic travel by car, get a rack

    a box will require some degree of disassembly, a rack keeps things simple and fast
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    sungod wrote:
    if it's domestic travel by car, get a rack

    a box will require some degree of disassembly, a rack keeps things simple and fast

    Or - as I did for our length of the country trip with 2 bikes - remove the wheels and put them in wheel bags, put the bikes in the back with some fork spacers and rear drop out spacers in place (rear one holds the chain taught), cloth covers then pack everything around them ...
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    johnelliss wrote:
    Bike box available in market, and when anywhere going a place enjoying bike trip .

    Err, come again?

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    I have the a Evoc bag and the frame - it's very good and large
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    You dont want a bike box. They are huge. Can you even get one in a golf ? They are great for flying for protection - but you don't need that. Bung the bike on the roof or in the boot with the wheels off - jobs a good 'un. Remember to lock it on and have a cable lock if you stop. Then keep it in your hotel or room.

    Even a bike bag is cumbersome and you'd need wheels off and seat out.
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    thank you for your thoughts, i think i will look more into a rack. not sure which roof or from tow bar but think thats way to go. apart from when travelling for a ride etc we tend to stay in cottages (like this week) and travelled say 4 hours and at the moment the bike gets carefully balanced in the back on our other bags et so was looking fr other options.
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    If you have a towbar then its a no brainer - get a tow bar mount and the bike wont be spoiling your fuel consumption.