Pedal Dilemma

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I know there have been various posts on pedals in the last few months.....I've gone through search and read lots...but I need some new pedals for the Summer bike.
The dilemma is: been riding Look and BBB, old design with red look delta cleats. Toying with some Dura Ace....Look Blades seem to get some stick for durability......Q. Do the shimano yellow cleats fit the new 9000....and is the float considerably less than red deltas....I think it's about 3 degs less .....but what's that in practical knee terms.
And I know the old head, heart wallet debate....but is the difference between 105-Ultegra-DA really that great (50g is meaningless in weight terms...for me anyway).


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    Look Blades - they may have re-engineered aspects of these pedals - I had a pair and managed to snap one in half during a sportive (just before two very testing climbs!). The pedals +/or cleats do not like damp weather which made mine squeak on every turn of the pedals - drove me nuts!
    Yellow cleats do indeed fit the new Dura-Ace pedals - I've just fitted a pair to my new bike and didn't bother having fitted the blue ones which came with the pedals.
    I don't notice alot of difference between the yellow tagged Look Blades and the yellow Shimano cleats - it's not something I think about, so I could be wrong!
    I suspect that the 105 pedals would serve my purpose just as well as the DA (and Ultegra for that matter). There may be a difference in bearing component quality but I've always found it hard to find any difference when reading the packaging blurb. Main difference is probably the finishing and weight.
    I went for the DA pedals based on the fab service the 2006 vintage DA 7800 pedals have provided me - they have received no maintenance and are still going strong on my daily commuting bike. They have no right to be working so well and they owe me nothing.
    I left my bike off for transporting to a organised event this evening and one of the organisers commented on my DA pedals, saying that they are almost a default choice and are considered bullet proof. He may well be right!

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    Thanks Peter.....I think it's Shimanos then with Yellow cleats.
    Thanks for f/back - advice.....I'd read that issue with Lookscin several other forums too.