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Campag alloy chainsets

jamie4759jamie4759 Posts: 117
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Hi all, I wanted to put a new 10 speed Campag chainset on my winter bike. My choices would be between Centaur carbon, Centaur alloy in silver (the old ultra Torque) or the new CX chainsets, which I thought might be good and durable for a winter bike. Any ideas? Any benefit of choosing alloy chainsets over carbon? The old Ultra Torque Centaur is still available and looks a good buy, but the new CX in silver looks great. Any feedback welcome.


  • cyclecliniccycleclinic Posts: 6,865
    CX chainset have a 46T outer ring or at least they should. Ultra torque BB are a bit more prone to the ingress of water for some reason and seem to go south sooner than power-torque. I have used carbon chainsets and alloy ones (all campagnolo) and apart from the weight difference there is no difference.

    You could go for a older 10 speed square taper campagnolo chainset. There are shops that stock them. -wheel building and other stuff.
  • Miles253Miles253 Posts: 535
    Apart from looks, they are similar, weights are about the same, but new, carbon will run you a bit more, always lots on eBay though if that's your thing. Personally I went with carbon as I got a good deal and it matches my bike better. (Plus I like to squint and pretend it's record)
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