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Large Shoes & Peddles

gregster04gregster04 Posts: 1,650
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Hi all

I've been riding a Mekk Potenza since the start of the year, it's my first road bike after using a Hybrid previously.

Anyway it has normal peddles and I'm now doing longer distances and noticed I was one of the few people not using proper cycling shoes and peddles at a Sportive last week.

So, I've decided to splash out on some shoes & peddles but don't really know where to start.

The main problem, I expect, is that I am a UK size 13, is it going to be possible to get cycling shoes in my size that are any good?

Thanks for your help!


  • Bar ShakerBar Shaker Posts: 2,313
    Buy the stiffest shoes you can.

    Get the cleats and pedals that work with the shoes that fit you best.

    If walking is also important, aim your search at SPD compatible shoes. If it isn't important, home in on SPD SL, Look, Speedplay or variants of these. Consider the cost of your pedals in the overall budget.

    The actual connection is of little importance compared to shoe fit and sole stiffness.

    Those are pretty big feet. Good luck with the search.
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  • Stevie_geeStevie_gee Posts: 44

    Wiggle has plenty of shoes in UK size 13.

    These are my personal pick:
  • homies35homies35 Posts: 15
    Hi i also have size 13 wide feet sidi mega's fit lovely also shimano wide are a good buy but go up to a 49 as they seemed short.
  • northpolenorthpole Posts: 1,499
    If you haven't bought cycling shoes before, my advice would be to pay a bit extra and avoid on line shopping. I'd suggest it would be much better to visit a couple of decent bike shops and try some different manufacturers' shoes for fit.

    One of the larger Specialized concept stores may keep larger ranges of bigger sizes to help you decide - assuming you don't have anything against Spesh!

  • odessoukyodessouky Posts: 264
    I'm sort of in the same boat, so I think I can help with some form of plan...

    The FIRST thing I would suggest is to draw a template of your feet on a piece of plain paper.

    You will find it VERY FRUSTRATING to find your FIRST shoe, as, for some weird reason, different manufacturers use totally different sizing...

    Once you know your foot's LENGTH and WIDTH, browse around for the type/style you would like...

    FORGET finding your size IN STORE, any where unfortunately!

    I'm 47-48/11ish UK, and rarely found what I want in stock in store..

    Once you have an eye on something you like; check the SIZING guide for that particular make, NOT ON THE ONLINE SHOP SITE, BUT ON THE BRAND'S OWN WEBSITE.

    USE THE FOOT SIZE in cm as your reference guide.

    Once you have an idea what size you need, ROUGHLY, you'll have to order it in to store and try it on:

    1- Halfords has the best option, though least shoe stock. You order the shoe in, NO NEED TO PAY, try it on, if doesn't fit, no obligation. I ordered SIX in to my local store, and took my time.

    2- Evans do the same, BUT YOU PAY FULLY for any order, and you get a FULL REFUND if not happy, no questions asked.

    3- Check websites that offer free returns etc...

    SHIMANO go all the way up to 50, normal width AND Wide

    Your FIRST shoe will be a lengthy and tedious process...with your feet!!

    Good luck!
  • cyclingfurycyclingfury Posts: 676
    +1 for Sidis.
    I'm the same shoe size as you and Sidi shoes are the only ones that don't look like barges when you wear them.
    For your info I wear size 50 and in 25 years of riding I have never had any problems with my feet whilst cycling in Sidi shoes.
    They are expensive, but they last an age.
    Titanium Bertoletti
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