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Buying used Forme Thorpe

aivarastranceaivarastrance Posts: 2
edited April 2014 in Road buying advice

I'm looking to buy a road bike for commuting and leisure on my off days. Was looking for used for around 300-500quid, until now when I spotted Forme Thorpe used bike.

Anyway, what is worrying me it says Forme Thorpe Elite carbon fibre frame, while it actually has ultegra groupset. And on standard ultegra goes with Forme Thorpe Comp 1.0, while elite is dura-ace. So frame was changed to carbon fibre frame elite one, but groupset is ultegra. Also it has FSA Double Chainset and different rear mech. How much something like that would be worth used for a year? And is it a good choice for beginner? (have been riding for 10 years, but never a road bike). Btw, I weight around 95kg.

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