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Tubs or Clinchers

joeyhalloranjoeyhalloran Posts: 566
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I am looking into to getting some new wheels are don't know if I should get tubs or clinchers.

Tubs are obviously quite a bit lighter, but tubs are more expensive, more hassle if they puncture and realistically are not suitable for training on. Also, with tubs I have the constant fear of rolling one off in the corner.

What do other people use? Opinions?


  • HerzogHerzog Posts: 197
    The ride quality of tubs is far superior to clinchers. I train and race on tubs and my training wheels have some Stans No Tube sealant in. When combined with a can of Vittoria Pit Stop and a spare pre glued tub under the saddle, they're no more hassle than clinchers.

    Racing on properly secured tubs is safer than racing on clinchers (can be ridden when flat, remaining on rim if suddenly punctured - better cornering owing to rounder profile - less likely to suffer from "snakebite" punctures - can be run at far lower pressures for wet/poor quality surfaces).
  • Do you use glue or tape?

    I should say, I have some very deep tubs for TTing (but for me too deep to road race on) and every time I glue them they seem like they would come off round a sharp corner. I started taping them and confident on the straight lines of a TT, just not sure round the kind of corners you need to take while in a bunch.
  • HerzogHerzog Posts: 197
    I recommend tape - many on here will disagree, but I've not had any issues (in mountains, flat, road races inc. downhill followed by 90 deg turn, crits). I've found Conti/Tufo tape to be a particularly strong bond if you're worried about rolling a tub.
  • So what are some good tubular tyres to use for road racing then?
  • okgookgo Posts: 4,368
    I bought some veloflex carbon initially, but decided they probably would not last long on english roads, so bought some conti competition tubs. So far (500 miles or so) so good!
    Blog on my first and now second season of proper riding/racing -
  • I guess I have the best of both worlds with the tyres I am experimenting with for my TT bike, I have been using these :

    My wheels are clinchers but these are like tubs, I guess its similar to the tubeless concept,

    A drop of sealant and away you go !

    Very high pressure option if you like it that way as well, they handle up to 220 psi.

    First race of the year and I punctured in the rear, didn't even know until I was cleaning the bike.
  • LegendLustLegendLust Posts: 1,022
    So what are some good tubular tyres to use for road racing then?

    Take no notice of okgo, get some Veloflex Carbons, they're a lot tougher than he thinks!
  • HerzogHerzog Posts: 197
    I use 24mm Conti Force tubs and love them.
  • ducksonduckson Posts: 961
    The new Schwalbe One look pretty good, 24mm.
    Cheers, Stu
  • racingcondorracingcondor Posts: 1,434
    I'm on Vittoria Corsa SR 24mm tubs at the moment on my fair weather / race wheels and to be honest they're doing remarkably well given the changeable weather we're having. Glad I left them home last Sunday but otherwise they're remarkably unscathed after a couple of months wet and dry riding. Still cheap on Ribble too.

    I'll agree that the Conti Force tub looks like a good UK option though. I just hope the larger size and new design means it's improved on the usual Conti ride quality.

    I worried about rolling a tub until I flatted one and had to get the damn thing off... If your tub and you rim bed match shape and you don't leave it on there for years you really shouldn't be able to roll it.
  • ugo.santaluciaugo.santalucia Posts: 25,090
    duckson wrote:
    The new Schwalbe One look pretty good, 24mm.

    yes, but then you will always worry whether you have spelled it correctly or not... I would not bother... :wink:
  • joeyhalloranjoeyhalloran Posts: 566
    Is 24 not a bit wide for race tyres though?
  • le_patronle_patron Posts: 491
    Re - width, not these days, when combined with rims wider tyres roll faster apparently.

    I don't use tubs for training because of the high wear rate and cost, the GP4000 tubs on my carbon rims wear out really fast. And are a relative ball-ache to keep changing.
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