Dolan Ares

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After deliberating for several months now about a new training bike my wife saw a picture of the Dolan Ares sl and she said,thats it,you must have it.So,off to Terry Dolans place tomorrow to view one en route to a week away in the lakes.
Looking at the green or red one with Ultegra 6800 with cosmic Carbones.
Yahoo,cant wait!
Now I will have to sell my Ribble 7005 sl to pay for it.
Looking forward to the trip to Merseyside.


  • Saw a green one in the flesh recently, really really nice bike.
    I'm sorry you don't believe in miracles
  • Just make sure you check the geometry of the Ares- they're a bit "different", to most other brands, but the. If your visiting the place yourself then I'm sure they'll do you a fitting.
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    CASATIKID wrote:
    Looking forward to the trip to Merseyside.

    Who wouldn't? But Ormskirk's in Lancashire.
  • casatikid
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    Yes,you are right Pickled pig.
    No excuses there ,I should know better as I even though I live in East Yorkshire now I am from Orrell which is only 10 miles up the road.
    I liked the Green one but it seems that they are discountinued in that colour and only have limited sizes left.According to Dolan,s sizing I will need the 54cm and that's size is out of stock in the green.
    They do have a new Fluro green but im not sure on that.Will have to see it in the flesh later today.
  • casatikid
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    Well,thats it.Bike on order and ready in 2 weeks or so.
    Dolan Ares in the new green.Looks absolutely stunning.
    Ultegra 6800,11 speed,Mavic Kyrsium sls wheels and 3T Ergonova bars and stem.
    Will be fitting a Specialized Romin saddle as they suit me .
    Cant wait.
    Now I have my superb Ribble 7005sl to sell.
    Contact me if interested.
    Looking for £550.Only thing not newish is the frame and G/set. Full 105