Tyre sizing help

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Looking to purchase some new tyres for use on my mavic ksyrium slr wheels.

I'm wondering whether to go for some 25mm tyres instead of the 23s currently using.

The wheels have 19mm rim width (so I believe) so not sure whether 25s would be best used. Especially as I ride a 51 cervelo r5 so might be tight for clearance.

I have seen schwalbes table for tyre sizing though and for 19mm rim width they suggest nothing smaller than 28mm tyres?!

Any help would be much appreciated as bit confused!


  • Mike Cotty
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    Either 23mm or 25mm will be fine to fit to the rims, and should still provide enough clearance on the R5 if you do go wider (which will provide a little more comfort with the larger air volume of the tyre). It all comes down to your personal preference as to what size you feel is best.

    All the best,

    Mike Cotty
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  • Cmonlegs
    Cmonlegs Posts: 54
    many thanks for your advice Mike.

    I will give some 25's a go and see how I get on.

    Best Regards,