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All Black Kinesis Racelight T2

holiverholiver Posts: 729
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I thought I would finally get around to posting my Kinesis which I had built up over the summer last year. Then it took me over some lovely 1,100m+ climbing routes around the Cheddar Gorge area. Now plus guards and a rack it is used daily for the commute to uni in Liverpool and weekly runs to Tesco. Glamorous!

Before buying the frame I had a bike fit done at Bike Science in Bristol. At the time I was testing a Tifosi CK7 that appeared to be the perfect size, but was destroying my hands after only a couple of minutes in the saddle. I'm pleased to say that there is no such issue with the Kinesis, despite it being very similar in stack and reach to the Tifosi. I can recommend having a fit done!

I built it up in black to try to attract as little attention as possible. However, I went all out on the colour coordination. Everything possible is gloss black with a little white and red detail to match the frame. Open in a new tab/window for big pictures.




It's a Campagnolo based build. However, I thought the SRAM chainset with polished black arms better suited the frame so I used that instead of a second hand, matt black Centaur UT chainset I originally picked up. Probably not the normally done thing!

Frame: Kinesis Racelight T2 57cm
Fork: Kinesis DC07
Headset: Cane Creek 40

Shifters: Campagnolo Chorus 2005?
Derailleurs: Campagnolo Centaur 2013
Chainset: SRAM S550 & GXP BB
Cassette: BBB BSC-10C 12-27
Chain: KMC X10.93
Cables: BBB Shiftline/Stopline
Brakes: Tektro R737 with BBB cartridges and pads

Wheels: Campagnolo Khamsin G3 2009?
Tyres: Continental Gator Hardskin 23c
Tubes: Vittoria Ultralite

Pedals: Carbon Cycles PED02C
Handlebars: Raceface Cadence 44cm
Stem: Raceface Cadence 100mm
Seatpost: Kinesis 27.2mm
Seatpost Collar: Kinesis
Saddle: Selle Italia C2 Gel Flow
Bar Tape: Fizik Performance

Cages: Tortec Air Cage
Guards: SKS Chromoplastic
Rack: Tubus Vega

Weight minus the guards and rack is around 9.3kg.

I really enjoy riding the bike, but there are a few issues. The Kinesis seat post doesn't offer quite the micro adjustment needed to get the saddle perfectly positioned. However, it's not such an issue when only doing ~14km a day. The tyres are also a bit small considering Liverpool's awful, terrible roads and don't inspire too much confidence in the wet. Finally, despite its versatility, I'm not too sure the frame is built to take a week's shopping on the back. I could really do with something more sturdy, but the trip is only 1.5km or so.

The one poor design decision I have identified with the frame is that the left stay for the rack required a huge amount of bending around the brake. Luckily Coast Cycles in Liverpool did a great job with that and fitting the guards.

Hopefully over the summer I will have time enough away from doing my dissertation to cycle from Liverpool to Bristol to see my folks. The T2 should be the perfect machine, but I do quite fancy a Cotic Escapade!


  • Good thread so far, but can't see any pictures. Would love to see the bike too.
  • holiverholiver Posts: 729
    Huh, that's weird. Working fine here!
  • ManxJManxJ Posts: 43
    Pics working fine for me. Does a job that bike does!
  • The pics show up now, very nice!
  • luv2rideluv2ride Posts: 2,367
    Very nice indeed.
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  • holiverholiver Posts: 729
    I made a few changes to my Kinesis over the summer and have put over 1,000km on it in the last couple of months. All have worked out well, although I must look a dork doing weekend summer rides with a rack and guards on. Still the bike is a workhorse on weekdays so need must etc. Hopefully once I finish my dissertation and get a job I can start thinking about a summer bike :)
      - 25c Michelin Pro4 Endurance tyres with Michelin tubes - Selle Italia SLS Kit Carbonio saddle - Tate Labs Barfly 2.0 Garmin mount - Dropped the stem by 5mm


    The tyres have made the biggest difference with a massive increase in comfort for no perceptible drop in performance. If anything they are faster than the Continental Gator Hardskin tyres they replaced. The saddle is also a better shape for me than the original Selle Italia C2 and the WTB Rocket V I had experimented with. Looking forward to winter number 2.
  • WobbitWobbit Posts: 91
    Looks lovely, very purposeful, just built up a 4s for winter dutys and love it
    Neilpryde Alize - Kinesis 4S - Cube Ltd
  • holiverholiver Posts: 729
    I've been doing a fair bit of cycling since the new year (920km and 14,750m of ascent). Because of this I have changed a few things on the bike that were necessary since the update last year.


    Not the greatest photo but my phone wasn't liking the light conditions for some reason. Below is an alternative that I think makes the bike look a little more racy. It was taken mid ride when I was midway through component changes. I think it also demonstrates how the bike can blend in with its surroundings, which is important to me when it is left out in public.


    The changes are:
      Rack removed 2015 Campagnolo Veloce shifters and cables Cinelli Dinamo compact bars (42cm) Shimano PD-M780 Deore XT pedals Zipp Service Course CX tape
    The new shifters are a step forward ergonomically and offer a lighter action than the older Chorus model I was using. I thought I might miss the the Ultrashift mechanism, but its loss isn't a dealbreaker for me. The only slightly annoyance is that when going down the cassette the chain doesn't drop on the press of the lever, but when the lever has returned to its original position.

    The bars are much more compact in both reach and drop and have made longer rides much more comfortable. I am also able to use the drops for a lot longer which really helps when descending and on the flat. The bars are slightly narrower than the ones they replaced and have helped drop a little weight; I measured them at 229g which is quite light for an aluminium bar.

    The previous pedals fell apart. The XTs that have replaced them feel much more dependable with a more positive mechanism.

    Finally, it was time to refresh the bar tape. The Zipp Service Course CX tape is grippy, well padded and I think it will be durable too. Seems like good stuff for the price.
  • d_o_gd_o_g Posts: 286
    Perfect. I have a light blue one (older version) which does everything you could need. Great bikes.
  • holiverholiver Posts: 729
    I think the only thing really left to do to the bike is to get a better pair of wheels with a wider rim to help make the tyres work to their best and potentially shed a little weight. The current Khamsins weigh in at a rather portly 1975g and are one of the narrower rims. That being said they have been bombproof so far.

    I quite like the idea of using silver spokes. What do you guys reckon?
  • I would say keep the wheels until a change is needed, especially if they are bombproof and doing their job well.
  • holiver wrote:
    I think the only thing really left to do to the bike is to get a better pair of wheels with a wider rim to help make the tyres work to their best and potentially shed a little weight. The current Khamsins weigh in at a rather portly 1975g and are one of the narrower rims. That being said they have been bombproof so far.

    I quite like the idea of using silver spokes. What do you guys reckon?

    Of course I'm biased, but yes I love this! These frames are fairly racy, which is good if you want a fast but practical workhorse. I can recommend my wheels which are Superstar Pave 28's which have a wide rim at 17mm so will really fatten 25c tyres out. They are also really light at about 1500g and have a deepish profile at 28mm so look awesome. I am really happy with these wheels, I can't recommend them enough!
    Current bike: 2014 Kinesis Racelight T2 - built by my good self!
  • holiverholiver Posts: 729
    Just one change to my T2 since the last picture. I have replaced the old Campagnolo Khamsins with the new 2015 Fulcrum Racing 5 LG CX wheelset. I believe these were a good deal at £145 delivered from Germany. The main benefits compared to the Khamsins are that they are wider at the rim, lighter and have a fresh braking surface.

    I am very happy with the bike for the time being and I don't believe there are any further cost effective ways to improve the ride.

  • Nice one! Really like your cockpit there mate, it looks much better now. Enjoy!
    Current bike: 2014 Kinesis Racelight T2 - built by my good self!
  • holiverholiver Posts: 729
    I've not done much to the bike since the last update. Mostly maintenance work including a new cassette (a Campag unit this time) and a black and silver KMC chain. The cassette is much lighter and more pretty than the previous BBB unit.

    Otherwise I have replaced the bottle cages with more secure and attractive Elite units. However, the biggest change has been as a result of moving to rural Hampshire. I have fitted less voluminous 25mm Vittoria Rubino Pro Slick tyres and lighter Michelin tubes in place of the '25mm' Michelin Pro4 Endurance tyres I did have on. That combination of guards and tyres didn't offer enough clearance to prevent getting clogged with crud on a frequent basis.

    I now want to de-sticker the wheels and I'll get a picture up once done.
  • holiverholiver Posts: 729
    I'm still rocking this bike and it comfortably carries me around the Hampshire countryside. Main change is a Shimano chainset that replaced the SRAM item. I've also experimented with different tyres, fitted a Fabric Scoop Elite Flat saddle, lightweight Shimano one sided SPD pedals and new guards.

    It's a good bike!

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