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Lady cyclists and "Normal" clothes

anne_panne_p Posts: 35
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I'm hoping I'm not the only lady rider who has a problem finding normal clothes particularly jeans which actually fit!
I've been cycling for around 6 years, but only more seriously over the past couple of years. In this time my thighs and calf muscles have grown a fair bit, especially since taking up time trialling.
These days getting clothing items such as jeans and non-cycling shorts to fit me properly is near on impossible.
I am in theory a size 8/10, but if I try on jeans which fit my waist they are too tight on my thighs and calfs, if I can get them past my thighs at all!
If try on a larger size I they are fine on my legs (sometimes a bit tight) but are too big around the waist.
I wont even start on the skinny jeans fashion.....
Walking trousers used to be ok, but after a winter of decent training these are getting too tight also.
Am I the only lady cyclist who has this problem? Am I really a freak? :shock:
I am hoping someone out there knows of a clothing brand which may fit my newly weird bodyshape!


  • SFTSFT Posts: 156
    Mother jeans, even the skinny ones. Finally no huge gap at the back of the waist.
  • jasonbrimjasonbrim Posts: 105
    Jeans with stretch are often good - most brands have a line made with stretch.
    Have you tried Levi's Curve ID jeans (they also have stretch)?
  • nuggieboknuggiebok Posts: 63
    No you are not the only one, although my problem has nothing to do with cycling. I've always had 'strong' legs so can never find jeans to fit properly. If I do settle on a pair, within a couple of hours wear I am pulling them up coz they keep falling down, then the waist goes baggy.

    Jeggings are my friend. Got a cheap £6 pair from asda and they beat all my £70+ jeans hands down!
  • I too have had similar issues, to a varying degree. I used to play Rugby, and did a lot of weight training etc and now cycle everyday. I have fairly 'sturdy' legs. I personally really like Gap jeans (especially when they have the extra stretch). The 'always skinny' jeans aren't as scary as the sound, and have a good amount of stretch in them.

    Also, Dorothy Perkins jeans are pretty good when it comes shape, they are normally pretty good value too.
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  • nomelettenomelette Posts: 13
    I have nothing helpful to say but I'm glad I'm not the only one!
  • anne_panne_p Posts: 35
    Thanks all, its nice to know I'm not the only one! :D
    A friend also mentioned Levi's jeans and as I have a Levi's store not too far from me I'll give them a go. I'd rather not order on-line so I can try a few on.
    I'll let you know if the Levi's are any good.
  • I too have this problem. I like loose fitting boyfriend type jeans but finding a pair that has the right amount of slouch on the leg whilst not being too loose at the waist is impossible. I just use a belt to hide the fact that I can pull my jeans down over my hips without unbuttoning them!

    I also have the same problem on my upper half thanks to years of climbing. Getting tops to fit my arms and shoulders but that don't end up looking tent-like around the waist is not easy. Thank heavens for stretch fabric!
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  • anne_panne_p Posts: 35
    Levi's bold curve = perfect!
    Thanks all :)
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