KCNC cranks creaking.

bowdy1987 Posts: 96
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I've got a pair of KCNC cranks on my bike. With easton chainrings.

Now when I pedal hard, on the drive side there is a creak.

I'm 15st and a bit heavy on the pedals, but have never had any problems before with chain rub so I can't see it being that. Also checked the BB and it's silky smooth, and ceramic.

My LBS, removed the spacer/shim as we thought it could be that but it hasn't changed a thing.

Other than changing the cranks I'm stuck as to what else it could be.


  • lawrences
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    Try tightening all the chainring bolts for a start. Check the pedals also.
  • bowdy1987
    bowdy1987 Posts: 96
    all fine, tried all those sorts of routes.
  • Monty Dog
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    Remove BB re-grease everything and re-install.
    Make mine an Italian, with Campagnolo on the side..
  • bowdy1987
    bowdy1987 Posts: 96
    LBS has done this twice. Haha
  • bowdy1987
    bowdy1987 Posts: 96
    The only thing I can think it is, is that the cranks are just 'too lightweight' for me

    So the next step if I isn't find an answer is change them for a more robust set.