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Argyle wheels.

casatikidcasatikid Posts: 229
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Hi All,asked this question a couple of weeks ago with limited response but,:-
Has anyone out there purchased a set of these carbon hoops from Argyle wheels entrepreneur Anthony Clarkson?
I know they are imported from Asia etc,He is upfront about this and is very enthusiastic about this product and to be fair,seems an okay bloke who is a rider himself.
Just wanted some feedback from anyone who has purchased from him and has had the wheels for a few months and given them a good testing.
Im sorely tempted to order a set from him.?


  • xcMuttleyxcMuttley Posts: 434
    I have some :D
    Lovely wheels from a brilliant bloke!
    I bought the superlight versions (60mm rear, 50mm front rim depth) to use as my best pair/race wheels which made a huge difference!
    Ive ridden some sportives on some pretty terrible roads and they feel as stiff as ever all spokes are still as tight as day 1.
    And as for racing on them! They are awesome, the pick up is quick, acceleration is easy and they are strong. They draw a few eyes too ;)
    Had them fitted on two bikes now and have put them through some hard racing miles as well as completing the coast to coast in a day with the rear one fitted. Had these wheels for over a year now and not even had to true them yet!
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  • casatikidcasatikid Posts: 229
    Yes,i thought he sounded a decent bloke via the emails we exchanged.Many thanks for your reply as I was hoping that someone who has purchased from him would get in touch.I don't live to far from you (Driffield near Bridlington.)
    I have never had a pair of carbon wheels before.They will be a best pair for my best bike if I go ahead and buy although the wheels I have on it at the moment are the dogs Bs. Mavic Kysrium S/Ls. The deep hoops would be used on any flatish sportives that I may ride.What are they like going uphill.No advantage there surely.?.
    I had seen pictures of your bike before on Anthonys F/book page. Nice.
  • xcMuttleyxcMuttley Posts: 434
    For me they made a huge difference for climbing but that was due to the huge weight loss from the wheels and tyres.
    They do make a difference up hill, little to no give in the wheels so it feels like everything you put in goes into moving the bike. Descending is a bit different, as anyone will tell you that braking on carbon is very different! But i did make it down hardknott pass with the rear one fitted and didn't have to stop to let it cool. I haven't honestly had both fitted whilst doing any other long dragging descent as the races and rides i do with them fitted tend to be pretty flat.
    I had a race at the weekend, was forced off the track and ended up doing a bit of cyclocross before getting back on track... Hasnt even slightly buckled the wheels!
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  • casatikidcasatikid Posts: 229
    Thanks once again.
    I dream of riding on pretty flat roads.Not many of those in the east riding.
  • jordan_217jordan_217 Posts: 2,580
    xcMuttley wrote:

    Really like that (not sure about the wheel decals) but overall - 8)
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