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how much to a get a rear wheel re-dished?

luv2rideluv2ride Posts: 2,367
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I think my rear Pro-lite Bracciano wheel is out of dish, so want to get it repaired by a specialist (not confident in doing it myself really). Here are the symptoms:
Rear wheel naturally wants to sit closer to the driveside chainstay. After posting about this issue a while ago, I finally got around to actioning some of the helpful suggestions I received from forum members. So I broke the chain, removed the rear derailleur, took off the mech hanger, and re-inserted the wheel 'back to front' (I.e. with the cassette on the non-drive side) and noted that the wheel then naturally sat centrally between the chainstays. I've re-assembled using a spare mech hanger I'd bought (to rule out a misaligned hanger) and with the derailleur re-fitted (and the wheel back in the "right" way around) the wheel still wants to sit closer to the chainstay.

Therefore a trip to a good bike shop seems to be in order. Before I starting phoning around the limited choices around where I live, I'd be grateful for ideas/experiences on how much I'd be likely to be charged for this job. I guess a cost for checking the dish, and another for re-dishing as required, just so I know I'm being quoted realistic prices

many thanks
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