Deliberately provocative or just a stupid woman ?

big_p Posts: 565
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Is this a wind up and I've been well and truly sucked in or are people really that stupid ?

I cant decide if this is a wind up or not. ... cyclists_/


  • damocles10
    damocles10 Posts: 340
    Bottom of the smart tree comes to mind reading that garbage...
  • Joeblack
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    Re re re re repost!!!
    One plays football, tennis or golf, one does not play at cycling
  • DiscoBoy
    DiscoBoy Posts: 905
    She's a (rather low-rent) professional troll, surely?
    Red bikes are the fastest.
  • Cygnus
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    These come up often, it's always some unknown trying to get noticed, maybe the Daily Mail will give her that job she's so desperate for.
  • chris_bass
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    definitely a wind up I think.

    I do like this comment though
    "It all began with shoes. People with shoes could go faster to places than people without shoes. Then someone discovered a bike and people with a bike could go faster to places than people with shoes and going faster to places than shoes could take you to places caught on." - a site for sore eyes