Changing to Ultegra Chainset

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Good morning guys,

My cranks are due a replacement very soon, so I thought it would be a good time to treat the bike to a nice new Ultegra chainset. I have a Boardman Team which came with mainly 105 components and a FSA Gossamer chainset with a BB30 bottom bracket.

The main question is what adaptor would you guys recommend for the bottom bracket? Ive heard of problems with some adaptors making noise, so wonder if anyone has had experience of this and what the best route to go down is.
(i imagine this would all have to be done by my lbs, as im not great mechanic!).

Just also want to check all will be ok with the 105 shifters - i plan to replace these with ultegra shifters eventually, as they too are getting a bit knackered after a couple of years commuting, but they will have to do in the meantime!


  • herzog
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    I use the Wheels Manufacturing ones, no problems to date.
  • gozzy
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    The shifters don't care what chainset you have on.
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    The Praxis Works BB30 adapter gets good feedback. Better than the Wheels Manufacturing solution.
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    Thanks for the responses guys, much appreciated.
    Really like the look of the Praxis, so I think ill go for that - just need to keep my eyes open for a chainset and hopefully shifters on the classifieds now! :o
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    Does it have to be an Ultegra chainset? For similar money in the sales (somewhere like Planet X) you could go FSA/AN Other/Red and save weight, get carbon coolness/increased stiffness/even save some money.

    You could also chuck on a £15 new BB for the Red chainset and not have to mess with adaptors.

    Remember as well that if you buy a 2nd hand chainset to check the state of the chainrings - if you need new ones this could push the overall price up to that of a new non Ultegra one in the sales.
    Shifters will work fine with all.
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