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Iphone holders

Jamie1966Jamie1966 Posts: 38
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Interested to know what you lot use to have your iphone docked on your handlebars

Looking for a case one to protect from rain



  • neal1984neal1984 Posts: 240
    I used to use the topeak dry bag until I bought a Garmin. It doesn't look particually great but it does the job!

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  • gingamangingaman Posts: 576
    I used a Tigra iPhone holder when I toured last summer. Very waterproof and sturdy case, no issues with it. Easy to mount to the bars and can disconnect the case from the mount
  • DrLexDrLex Posts: 2,142
    Topeak Ridecase here; had one for iPhone 4, now another for iPhone5. No issues in almost two years' use.
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  • I'm using tigra iphone holder too but i thinking about Gym Jogging Phone Arm Band Case holder what do You think about that? Did someone used it?

  • Jamie1966Jamie1966 Posts: 38
    Cheers for the replies guys, Will this one be ok for my Iphone 5S then?
  • I found this article on Mashable that lists the 8 best iPhone Handlebar Holders:

    I quite like the 2nd option: The Joy Factory StormCruiser but I think it's only available for iPhone 4/4S... :(
  • GreggyrGreggyr Posts: 1,075
    I've used the Topeak Ridecase for 18 months now. It is very good. I've also got their powerpack, which means you can run Strava and Topeak's own Panobike apps at the same time all day without running out of power. Nice.

    I think they're releasing a new ridecase that also charges the phone as well.
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