Car driving at, then cutting into club ride near Bugbrook

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Near Bugbrook/Blisworth, Northants
Earlier today a car squeezed past an Milton Keynes bunch which were travelling towards us, accelerated when she saw my small group coming towards her, we all jumped onto the verge before she cut back into the MK bunch.

Silver Ford Focus, does anyone on here know anyone from the MK group who may have got the reg number?

Never in my entire life seen such a blatant attempt to use a car as a weapon, I would like to try to press charges.


  • gimpl
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    A friend of mine was on th Team MK ride today went close to Gayton/Fosters Booth. I'll ask him.
  • gimpl
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    Nope - sorry can't help. Wasn't the Team MK lot apparently.
  • bigpikle
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    A silver Ford Focus estate swerved at me and a mate near Whittlebury a few miles away from there yesterday - seem to remember it had a ladder or similar on top. Came right up behind me within a few inches at high speed and swerved out at the last second to just miss me - one of the closest encounters I've ever had. Car went S through Whittlebury high street towards Buckingham around 11.30am.
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