Tourmalet & Hautacam

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Hi Guys,

I'm looking for advice for the Etape. I have a compact with a 28 cassette. Would it be worth getting a 32?



  • Mccaria
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    If you are reasonably fit then 34x28 will be absolutely fine. These are long climbs with tough but not ridiculous gradients, it's the length that gets to you rather than the steepness. A few km at 8-10% wears you down. If you are not reasonably fit, not sure 32 is going to help that much !
  • ^ This. Get a 32 and you'll just be climbing for longer
  • Dave1441
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    Last summer I did both of the mentioned climbs, I did it on a compact with a 25 as the biggest gear on my cassette, it was hard work and I found my self getting out the saddle a fair bit but I still made it to the top without stopping but if I were to do it again I would choose some easier gearing.
  • bimboles
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    34 x 28 will be fine. Ran this for the 2012 Etape as an inexperienced 90kg rider without any issues.