Had a "Off" this morning.

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Turning into my work about 200m away and down I go , road rash to my face and side and a little shaky.
Checked out at the Hospital and all OK, getting a lift home tonight.
A bit stiff but can ride , well I did the last 200m !
What do you recon ? back on the bike in the morning ?


  • CPEX
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    Glad you got away with it ( relatively speaking). If you're pain free give it a go. Hope the bike's ok!
  • Secteur
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    Get back on the bike asap, or you will lose confidence. Just use this as a lesson to always be focussed (I am not saying that you weren't paying attention this morning by the way!)
  • chris_bass
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    yeah, get straight back on (assuming you have no cycle hindering injuries) take it easy until you get your confidence back.
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  • zx6man
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    and leave out the little shaky, his records were rubbish....
  • Have a few days off to reflect on what went wrong.
    I'm sorry you don't believe in miracles
  • dilatory
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    Had a similar incident 4 weeks ago now, sprained my wrist badly so was off the bike for about 8 days or so and only really this last week has it not hurt to pull the brakes.

    Taking corners a lot slower now than before but slowly getting up to speed again. Just build up your confidence. If anything, not being too injured you should feel better!
  • mitchgixer6
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    Yeah I'd get back out as soon as you feel up to it.

    I hit some diesel on a r/b on Tuesday, hit the deck at 30mph plus, it was a downhill section. Pretty bad road rash hip and elbow, real bad bruising and swelling on the hip, but I'm going to head out tomorrow morning for an hour just to see how I feel.
  • jthef
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    see how you feel.
    you will acke for a few days if like me.
    but judge yourself.
    But I would give it a miss tomoz to see how youy fell.
  • Miles253
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    Get back on ASAP, I left it too long after a bad crash, even once healed. Totally lost confidence
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  • jamie1012
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    Had my first crash two weeks ago and had pretty bad concussion. Went back out today and was feeling great, the weather was beautiful and I was thinking "this is the perfect first ride back".

    Then I punctured.
  • damocles10
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    Chances are you will feel the pain today and perhaps over the next few days. I have had a few crashes in my time and found it better to let the body heal before riding, give road rash 3 or 4 days, muscle damage and bruising may take a few weeks, listen to your body and by all means test the water...if you are hurting, rest up, as it will take longer to recover if you ride.

    Confidence will come back very quickly despite time off the bike. I had a bad crash last year and I found riding injured actually put me more at risk as I was overly cautious and slow.
  • PhunkyPhil
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    You will probably be a little sore and this may prevent you cycling as any grazing will rub on your clothing making it uncomfortable. I would see oh you feel and get out when physically ready.

    Don't dwell on the crash as everybody comes off. I found it funny when I crashed within the first 5 miles on a sportive, I straightened up the levers and completed the 80 miles but the next day my leg was sore as it started to scab over when I tried cycling so I took it easy till my leg could actually bend correctly.
  • ilovegrace
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    Many thanks for the replies chaps.
    Been busy so have not had time to post a update.
    New I had to go out this morning , looked out of the window at 6.00am to see and hear wind and rain, on with my gear and of i go very tentative slippy road etc then out of a side road another cyclist appears normally i would be interested who what were etc but no way this morning , just want to get to work in one piece.
    Look round and it is a friend of mine who owns the local bike shop we ride in together and he turns on to a track in the woods , I use a cx bike and are partial to a bit of off roading now and again but we are talking narrow tracks with a steep drop wet muddy conditions and schwalbe marathon tires ( not a grippy tire !) .
    To top it all the lad is a MTB specialist and he is of and away, I hung on and got round unscathed and in hindsight was a good thing ,stopped me from been self absorbed and forced me to focus.
    In all honesty I have been down a couple of time over the past year and both times have been when I have been over tired and carrying a bit of mental stress.
    If there is one thing I have learnt it is that cycling is not like running you cannot drift of and loose concentration.
    Thanks again for the replies.
    "Its good to talk "