Canyon jamboree bag of mystery

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I got this black mesh bag of goodies with my new Canyon road bike delivery; 5 and 10mm brake lever shims for my small hands (nice as the ones I bought on ebay in anticipation turned out not to fit properly with the 105 brakes), a load of essential plastic reflectors which of course I shall diligently fit to something soon, probably a hat or a kite, a cute little mini allen key grommet screw thing for the Acros headset, a small stealth black bicycle bell, and then some curious coiled lengths of white catheter tubing about 2mm dia. Having pondered for several minutes I can not come up with a plausible reason for the presence of the white tubing, There's 3 pieces about 3/4 of a metre long. Are they anything to do with helping to rethread the internal routed brake and gear shift cables? All creative ideas on a postcard please.