Can I go from 9speed to 10 on same crank?

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Hi, I have a 9 speed drivetrain which I'm looking to upgrade at the moment. Question is if I need to change chainset or not? I have an FSA velo compact at the moment running with a speed Sora setup, just wondered if this will play nice with a 10 speed 105 setup?



  • markhewitt1978
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    Should do, yes. In general chainsets don't have a speed as such. e.g. Several people run 11 speed chainsets with a 10 speed setup.
  • bigmul
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    Super - thankyou!
  • chris_bass
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    I was thinking of going the other way, I need a new chainset and was wondering if a 9 speed one would work with my 10 speed groupset? just to save a bit of money! - a site for sore eyes