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PeterMolloyPeterMolloy Posts: 121
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I have been looking at a pair of Adidas Evil Eye Sunglasses, with inserts to overcome my short sightedness. I have a pretty strong prescription (Sphere Right -6.75 and Left -5.50 with Cylinder Right -0.25 and Left -1.25) and despite several attempts by my optician to get a set of inserts that enable me to see clearly (pretty important for someone who needs glasses!!) they have not been able to find a setting that works. The problem appears to be that the insert allows me to see perfectly when in a normal 'flat' position, but when inserted into the nose piece, the wraparound effect of the sunglasses lens, bends the insert lens backward, and then I can't see at all clearly.
The optician has tried several different settings for the insert lens, all to no avail.
So the question is whether anyone has come across this issue with Adidas Evil Eyes and if so, is there a method of solving the problem described above.
I notice that Oakley are reluctant to try inserts of my optical strength, so maybe that is why, but if there are any cyclist / opticians out there with some advice, it would be gratefully received!!


  • Gaz777Gaz777 Posts: 84
    Peter, I don't know about the Adidas glasses but I used to be -6.5 and -7... I could never get any of the premium brands to make lenses to my prescription due to optical distortion. My prescription couldn't be achieved with wrap around lenses. Although not what you're after, I can say I had my eyes lasered with perfect results so now have the choice of all sunglasses! I'd really recommend it if you've ever considered it.

  • PeterMolloyPeterMolloy Posts: 121
    Thanks Gareth. If I was a bit younger then I might consider laser eye surgery!! However, in the meantime, I have spoken to Optilabs in Croydon, and they are convinced that they can make inserts that will work. I have had a pair of their standard wraparound (fixed lens) glasses for about 5 years, but wanted to try the insert type. While Optilabs may not actually do the Evil Eye model, they have very similar models of their own make, so that is what I think I may eventually go for. Many thanks anyway for the reply.
  • chucklachuckla Posts: 132
    Get contact lenses, that may help! Granted , toriq (sp) aren't always perfect but I find it's the best option! I wear glasses all day, but wear contacts for cycling
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