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cassette lockring not tightening

Mark__gtiMark__gti Posts: 177
edited February 2014 in Workshop
Just tried fitting a new cassette onto my new hope wheels and when tightening the lockring it gets so far (starting to get tight) and then becomes loose again.
The lockring goes in fine without the cassette its like its not threading in far enough any ideas why?
Its a shimano 105 cassette if that makes any difference


  • nicklousenicklouse Posts: 81,520 Lives Here
    Something sounds like it has stripped a thread.

    And then there is the question what year hub? And what year cassette? As 105 has been around for years
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  • I had this the other day and I had somehow not quite lined up the sprockets properly and the lock ring wouldn't catch. The cassette sat fine and it was strange how it looked and felt ok but it must have been set wrong cause once I dissembled and re-assembled it it was fine - might be worth trying that ?
  • Its the new hope pro 2 evo 40t with a 105 5700 27-12 cassette, I have just tried a cassette from my other bike (same 105 cassette but 28-11) and it fits fine ?! Weird
    I m going to take the new cassette back and buy another just in case
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