Formula Hub - repair or replace.

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The hubs on the wheels that came as standard on my Jamis CX commuting bike are rough and badly worn, now at the point where getting a balance between lack of play/smoothness is difficult.
Seems now that despite a good greasing of the bearings a couple of commutes sees it going from ok to loose and and then regreasing has me going through the palaver of greasing and adjusting the cones - fed up with that.
So, these are Forumula hubs (disc) and a quick search seemed to indicate that Shimano cups/cones might fit.
Is this a given ? Any specific hubs to use - would I need to measure up the existing parts ? Is it worth doing this ? They have run for about 12 months or so, past few months the hubs have needed pretty regular maintenance, and I've probably not always been as rigorous as I might have been but is a new (budget) wheel a more sensible proposition - I could source a rear (the worst one) for around £50. Kind of a shame since as it's a disc wheel the rim is fine (previous commuting bikes see the hub and rim wear in tandem so if the hub is rough as then the rim is getting fairly worn.) but the bike cost me not much over £500 so the wheels are cheapos and I'm unwilling to spend too much on spangly new ones -it's only running 8-speed Shimano kit with Tekro Lyra brakes so I'm not going to be splashing £250 on lovely new hoops for it, no way !


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    If the bearing seats inside the hub bodies haven't been damaged, then your LBS might be able fit new bearings and cones to your hubs - a decent bike shop would carry spares. Another option is to fit a new hub (e.g. Novatec D712SB) - chances are you'll need new spokes and you're probably looking at £100 all-in. I'd steer clear of low-end, pre-built wheels if durability is a concern - they often use things like Quando hubs which are rubbish.
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    +1 but the XT M785 is a another good alterative. Cheap hubs are cheap for a reason. -wheel building and other stuff.