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Chainring - fastners

bianchibobbianchibob Posts: 306
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When giving my roadbike a thorough deep clean I took my Shimano Tiagra crankset apart.

This involved undoing the 5 fastners that hold the two chainrings together. In the past on rebuilding the Torx bolts have 'self - tightened', however on this occasion I cannot get them to tighten.

The Torx bolts tighten into a sort of nut / button that recesses into the inner chain ring, it has two slots on the circumference, which I presume are to accommodate some sort of tool that can be used to hold the inner fitting while tightening the outer Torx bolt.

Has anyone else experienced this problem

Is there such a tool and where can I purchase one ?


  • Often your lbs will have them, chainring nut tool...

    Personally I like ones like this
  • Thanks, did a bit more searching and came up with similar. Now ordered.
  • andyrrandyrr Posts: 1,507
    You might get away with cleaning the threads on the nuts and the bolts and then can use something more ordinary like a large thin flat bladed screwdriver to hole them whilst tightening the hex bolt. I've one of the proper tools and even with that sometimes these are a PITA especially to undo if they are tight.
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