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Anyone fitted SKS Raceblade longs ??

GreywheelerGreywheeler Posts: 25
edited February 2014 in Workshop
Fitted them ok and they look a good sturdy set of guards. Can anybody confirm that I am reading the pictorial instructions correctly in thinking that the rear quick release springs are not required and thus should not be fitted ??

Many thanks.


  • take them out, they get tangled if you leave them back in
  • Purchased a set worn them once then removed them. Appeared to be sturdy enough, but I was looking for mudguards mainly to eradicate having to clean the bike after every ride, they stopped spray up your derriere but that's has far it went. I even came to a conclusion that the mudguards made the bike more of a muddy mess. One more point the noise that emanates over rough terrain drove me insane especially on quiet country lanes the noise sounded amplified and unbearable. Think I will just resign myself to cleaning the bike after every ride.
  • Your not supposed to use the springs front or rear with race blades.
  • VelonutterVelonutter Posts: 4,749 Lives Here
    Yep I use them on my Colnago Master, absolutely brilliant guards. Yep no need for the Skewer Springs, but keep them safe in case you stop using the guards in the summer.
  • narbsnarbs Posts: 639
    Well, well, well!

    I've been using mine all winter with the springs in place, didn't even consider that they weren't required.

    As velonutter says, great mudguards.
  • Your not supposed to use the springs front or rear with race blades.

    Really? Oh.. I've been doing that all winter!
  • drudru Posts: 1,341
    I've used them all winter and they are great for a bike that does not have mudguard eyes.
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