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Broken rear derailleur?

raymondliuraymondliu Posts: 56
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Hi I have trouble shifting up to the smallest 2 or 3 cogs, there is a lot of skipping, particularly where force is applied when climbing. The chain also becomes very slack when I shift down to the smallest ring on my triple chainset, and there seems a lot of play in the pivot of the RD on the smallest ring. I'm not sure if the main cause is worn gear cables or because the RD needs replacing as the bike has fallen over on its side a number of times.


  • It could have just become loose - have tried to see if can tighten it.

    How old is it, also, all this bad weather recently seems to be causing drive-train issues, how dirty are the components.
  • Chain is probably slack because the barrel spring in your RD is seized up and not taking up tension.

    The bottom jockey wheel should spring back smoothly but is probably jammed forward.

    Try drenching the gap between jockey cage and barrel in WD40 to loosen up the spring or remove RD, undo bolt holding cage to barrel and give it a good clean and reassemble.


  • I've had it since I got the bike just over 2 years ago. I have tried undoing it from the hanger and haven't noticed a lot of gunk. So is it rare for such issues to be cause by gear cables, which I have also never replaced since getting the bike?
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