9-Speed to 8-Speed (tour bike)

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Currently have a 9-speed tourer i'm working on and think i'd like to take advantage of the advantages of 8-speed (mainly durability as i'm told the chain is slightly thicker).

Obviously the the rear mech and chain will need changing, but will the shifters also (Shimano LX)?



  • It's a lot of expense for a non-reason. 9 speed chains are perfectly durable.

    If you have indexed shifters then you will need new shifters.

    You could probably just run an 8 speed chain if it#'s that important to you.

    In fact, just put a rohloff on with a 1/8" (or larger) drivetrain that'll basically never wear out.
  • Good point, might stick to the 9 speed and get as best as chain as possible - what would you say that would be?

  • gold kmc x9-L

    (gold because they seem to rust less than the nickel ones, although i'm looking to try a dlc next) if your chains never go rusty then get the silver.

    Personally, you'll be better off making sure you've got a steel cassette (tiagra IIRC is the best steel you can get) and get stainless steel chainrings. That'll minimise your wear.