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Kinesis TK3 Headset

freebsfreebs Posts: 199
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I need to replace the headset in my TK3 and the one that came with the frame is as per link above. I was rather hoping the replacement would be slightly cheaper! I'm not particularly au fait with headsets, my understanding is that the TK3 has a 1 1/8 - 1 1/5" tapered steerer, are there any other suitable headsets at a slightly more budget price?

Thanks in advance, freebs.


  • freebsfreebs Posts: 199
    ....also, do I need to press an integrated headset in to the frame?!
  • SemantikSemantik Posts: 537
    Not a common sized headset. Surprised the original has worn out as thought the newest TK3 was a very recent model. Halfords are selling the headset at the same price £52.99 but you get an extra 10% discount if a British Cycling member.
    The headset has cartridge bearings that just drop into the head tube, top and bottom.
  • freebsfreebs Posts: 199
    I've had it about a year and maybe 3500 miles. There is rust dropping down the frame from the headset which is what I'm basing the fact I need to replace on. I've not taken the old headset out yet but it feels smooth enough. If it is cartridges that need replacing I guess I do a google search for those?,
  • SemantikSemantik Posts: 537
    The cartridge bearings can be re-greased. There will be a coloured seal covering them which should be carefully removed without damaging it. then the bearings can be cleaned ,dried and re-greased. You can get most the bearing sets separately-just not sure how easily obtainable they would be for your bike or how much cost you would save.
  • freebsfreebs Posts: 199
    Ok, thank - you. I'll give it a go.
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