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Chain slips over chainrings

tomsimmondstomsimmonds Posts: 66
edited February 2014 in Workshop

I was out riding my roubaix yesterday and every time i picked up pace and wanted to go into the big ring on chain set the chain slipped over and came off completely. Im guessing i need to adjust front mech. If so what do i need to adjust?




  • arlowoodarlowood Posts: 2,398
    Sounds like your FD cage has moved so that it is moves too far when you try to shift onto the large chainring.

    You need to use the top/high adjuster screw on the front derailleur and turn it clockwise a quarter of a turn then check if the changing is OK. If you still have problems try another quarter turn and so on until then problem is cured.

    Details are provided here if you want to study all the set up procedures ... 696762.pdf
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