Garmin Edge Touring

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This weekend I have purchased an Edge Touring to help with routing and directions as I am rubbish when it comes to directing myslef.

With this device I have found that when using the route option it keeps trying to send me down cycle paths or canal paths. I have changed the routing options from Mountain Biking to both Cycling and TOur Cycling but this does not seem to have any effect.

Does anyone know whether it is possible to ensure the route only plans routes that are on the road?


  • peat
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    Not sure, but have your tried plotting it manually?

    I really wouldn't trust a computer algorithm to select the safest or most scenic routes tbh.
  • Bike Garmins are generally pretty useless if you just put a destination in and try to follow the route like you would in a car satnav . They're great for plotting a route online and then exporting it into the device and then following.
  • BillyImp
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    Mine kept doing this and I changed the routing mode to Cycling and all has been well since, I still get the occasional canal path but always fully paved and on the whole smooth surfaces. I tend to plot using Garmin Connect and send it to the device, that way I know exactly what I'm getting, watch out for footpaths though! The first week or two I had mine I kept sending myself down muddy footpaths and bridleways by mistake.
  • BillyImp - Thank you for this. I thought I'd tried changing it to Cycling Mode but I'll have another go this weekend. I do intend to use the Garmin Connect to plot my own routes but last weekend was the first time I'd used it and wanted to see how it worked. Ill be sure to watch out for the muddy footpaths though haha.