Boardman XL frame owner Dartford area?

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A slightly different question than most here, I am looking for someone who own a Boardman Comp/Team in size XL [ I think frames are the same no matter what year it is ? ] in Dartford area.

Why? Well I am trying convince myself to road bike [ MTB here since always ] and so far I ve sat and rode on Triban in Dechatlon store,and I didn't feel comfortable on this bike , but when I sat on Boardman other day I felt that this bike is a little bit different with position and feeling 'behind the wheel'. Maybe I am wrong? anyway Halfords dont have space to ride instore around to test bike so I was limited to just ' sit ' so I thought that is not bad idea to ask here if somone from DARTFORD area own one of this bikes and would be so kind and allow me to sit on it without guy behind you trying sell you bike in each second when you close to any of bikes. :)