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Cosmic SLE or Red Wind XLR

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Just about to buy a set of wheels (ready for the nice weather 8) ) and I am between a Cosmic SLE or Red Wind 50 XLR.

I am 80kg and they will only be used for flatter rides, I already have another bike with Fulcrum Zeros for hillier rides.

What wheels would be considered best for faster flatter rides?

If I go for the Red Wind is it worth spending the extra on the CULT bearings?

Thanks Richard...


  • smidsysmidsy Posts: 5,273
    Cycling Weekly Verdict
    Cosmic SLE
    They carry speed well, make the requisite noises when accelerating and undoubtedly look the part. These days though, there are better performing wheels in an aerodynamic capacity.

    Cyclng Plus Verdict
    Red Wing XLE
    Though the Red Winds are certainly quick, there are times when they are less stable than the wider profile aero rims that are rapidly gaining in popularity.

    Overall these are a well-made, competent set of medium depth hybrid wheels with superior bearings and decent, if dated, aero performance, but still capable of mixing it on all terrain.

    Both seem a good way to waste over £1000 to me. Mavics look better though, the Fulcrums look crud.

    Also ceramic bearings are more trouble than they are worth - plenty of discussions on here regarding that.
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  • Look at these

    They are hand built, fully serviceable, they use good quality hubs proven to last in this miserable country (weather wise), they have the best aero rims out there... they use standard J spokes that can be sourced easily, they have alloy brake tracks... they are not light, but you say you have other wheels for the hilly rides... they sound perfect to me
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  • I ended up buying the Red Wind XLR CULT

    Took a cople of pictures of one bike with Zeros and the Red Wind on, I know beauty is in the eye of the beholder but I would not ay they look Crud :-)



  • BobbinogsBobbinogs Posts: 4,841
    Might be worth investing in a saddle wedge bag, that handbag is far from aero...
  • Loving the wheels. That's a bit of a minimalist cassette you have on the deep section wheels. Might be a struggle up the hills.
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