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Confused . com ! which bike

ellerinoellerino Posts: 37
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Always been a Mountain bike rider but now a recent convert after picking up a cheap road bike. I'm looking to up grade to a new bike. I'm keen on the Giant brand as my local shop is a dealer. I have 3 models i like the look of:
Giant Defy out and out roadbike,the Anyroad 2 in X road bike for almost any terrain or the Revolt 2 which is pretty much the same.
My real question is if i put 25mm tyres on the anyroad or revolt would they be nearly as quick and easy to ride as the defy or should i just go for the Defy. Im from Cornwall the roads i ride arent great and some real step climbs and like the idea of disc brakes after having them on my mountain bikes.
Any advice greatly appreciated :?


  • Everyone, everywhere in the entire country says "the roads around here are not great", yet we all ride road bikes ;). I would say get the proper road bike, and put 25mm tyres on it. The reason being if you want to go MTB to road, might as well do it properly and go full on road bike.
  • ai_1ai_1 Posts: 3,060
    I'd agree. If you want to do road riding I'd get a road bike and fit 25mm tyres if you like for better grip & comfort. However if you really feel you want something more robust or with room for even bigger tyres my next port of call would be a cyclocross bike. If you definitely want disk brakes take a look at the Rose DX. It's the only disk equipped road bike I know without getting very expensive. Most companies who do cyclocross bikes now have a disk equipped version in their range.
  • oxomanoxoman Posts: 8,861
    Having ridden some of Cornwall and Devons back roads, I would personally be looking towards CX bike as yes the hills can be brutal as can the road surface. So you need to look at not only your brakes but also your gearing, especially as some hills stay damp as in the trees and getting out of the saddle is not an option.
    Too many bikes according to Mrs O.
  • Cheers guys thanks for the advice, off to the shops !!
  • AnonymousAnonymous Posts: 79,692
    A CX bike may have CX chainrings (46/36) as opposed to road bikes compact (50/34) which will mean not as high or low a gear.

    A lot do have standard compact gearing though but its worth checking if you are using it as a road bike rather than actually for cyclocross.

    Not sure how big a tyre you would want on a CX bike for road use. Would have thought 28mm max (so you are looking at a new set of tyres) and you can put that on some road bikes.

    I love my CX bike but I would get a road bike for road use.
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