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Garmin Connect elevation graphs

YellaBellyYellaBelly Posts: 130
edited January 2014 in Road general
Not sure what board to post this on, but wondering if there is any way to alter the scales on the Garmin Connect graphs.

My elevation graphs have a negative axis going down to -200m! Unless I accidentally cycle into a submarine, I don't think I really need that negative axis on the graph, it just makes the useful section of the graph much smaller!


  • cougiecougie Posts: 22,512
    Have you set your home elevation on the garmin ?
  • big_pbig_p Posts: 565
    There's a button at the bottom of the data column on the left to correct the elevation data.
  • Thanks big p, thats certainly corrected my house being approx. 100m higher after a ride than when I started. I thought it was just that mountain formation we get going on in Lincoln...

    Cougie I'm guessing home elevation would do the same as the correction button on the page?

    Still haven't worked out how to get rid of the negative elevations on the graph though. It's making the useful readout half the size of what it should be.
  • davem399davem399 Posts: 269
    My graphs also show -200 metres on the y axis. I have an elevation point for my home and use the elevation correction button. This at least means my elevation gain and loss are the same at the end of a ride. The Strava graph doesn't have this negative bit.
  • Is it only Garmin Connect that can do the elevation correction? I normally upload direct to Strava to log my rides, but I have noticed if I do laps the same point on each lap gradually gets lower.
  • I'm sure on the strava summary screen on the website there is a warning if it thinks elevation data is wrong and gives you the option to correct it.
  • Oh yeah! Cheers!
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