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Wheel set upgrade

KookaKooka Posts: 2
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I have set aside some money fro a wheel upgrade from my Mavic Askiums. In truth I probably don't warrant spending up to 2k but I don't mind if I do (I'm frugal in other ways!). I need some strong wheels that I can commute on daily but don't want to change them out for weekend rides. I weigh 90k and do a fair amount of hills and long flat rides. I love the aero look but have been told Fulcrum Racing Zero's or Mavic Ksyrium (I know there are a few types)? Any ideas? If they only last 3 years because I am using them every day then so be it!



  • smidsysmidsy Posts: 5,273
    Daily commuting wheels need to be robust, reliable and easy/economically/readily repairable. They do not need to look pro or be super light.

    You also have too many requirements for 1 set of wheels to excel at all of them and you are not particularly light either.

    For a good 'do it all' compromise based on your post I would suggest a good set of handbuilt wheels with a minimum of 32 spokes built by someone who knows what they are doing.

    Something like Ambrosio Excellight rims with proper spokes (e.g DT comp) and a reasonable quality hub (like Novatec) which you could get for around £300. If you went for Hope hubs or Dura Ace you would still be only £400 ish.

    If you really must (want to) go bling you can use Chris King hubs and then some silly expensive aero spokes like Sapim CXray ,but they will not really add anything (other than to the overall price).

    Any notion of expensive factory build items should be stamped on right now (unless you like throwing money away) as your criteria can not be met by such rediculous items.
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  • +1. Swapping your wheelset out for commuting and weekend rides is the best solution

    Actually the best solution is to have two seperate bikes ;)
  • rolf_frolf_f Posts: 15,994
    +1 again for swapping.

    Basically, it takes a minute to swap wheels. If you begrudge that minute, then you probably begrudge the far longer times that are needed to keep a commuter bike nice and clean. If you begrudge those longer minutes cleaning the bike, then the bike will commonly be sufficiently filthy and un-optimally in performance terms that any gains you get by fancy wheels will be more than offset by the poor condition of the bike! In other words, you'd get more gain by cleaning the bike than spending 2k on new wheels for it!
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  • Ask Ugo for advice - for 2k, you will get a great set of handbuilt bespoke commuting wheels & a cracking pair of handbuilt weekend wheels. All you need, IMO.
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  • petemadocpetemadoc Posts: 2,667
    + 1 for 2 bikes

    commuting bike and best bike
  • 2 K is a lot of money for wheels... that said, I didn't supply the components, I only built these, but doing a bit of maths it's 2 grand of wheels :shock: ... ail/16/741
  • You can certainly tell the difference between (say) a stock set of wheels worth maybe £50 and a £500 set of wheels; but can you get the same from (say) £500 to £2,000.

    Certainly £2,000 will get a very nice bike with a very nice set of wheels to go on it.
  • taon24taon24 Posts: 185
    1k on bling wheelset (possibly FFWD F6CC @ 90kg), 500 on a set of 32/36 spoke commuting wheels. You could even spend 500 on a further bike to commute on!

    Alternatively get a £500+ set of hand builts, with nice hubs and quality rims, and accept that you will lose a few seconds every hour on almost all terrain due to the shallower rim and greater weight of the sturdy wheels. Save the 1.5k for other stuff.
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