Specialized, Giant, or B'Twin first bike (hybrid)

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Posted on 'road buying advice' section but no one responded... help appreciated.
I've decided mountain biking isn't for me, and want to buy a road bike.
I don't want a drop bar race bike for now, but still want to be able to go fast.
Uses of bike are for fitness. I ride 60km onroad a week now on my mtb, and aiming to increase a bit with the road bike.

The bikes available for me are:
Specialized Sirrus (2014)
Specialized Sirrus Sport disc (2014)
Giant Escape 2 (2014)
B'Twin Fit 5

I want the best bike regardless if it is the most expensive or cheapest.
I like the looks of the Specialized bikes, but I'm lost:
I don't need disc brakes (no rain or traffic in my commutes) but the Sirrus Sport disc is the higher spec'ed bike, so are the specs on the Sirrus Sport disc worth the extra weight and cost over the base Sirrus?
Or is the Giant Escape 2 a better bike?
Or will the Fit 5 be quickest given its gears: 11 cassette and 50 chain gearing?

Last question: will these bikes be able to keep up with fellow amateurs on drop bar race bikes or will it be harder for me to keep up? I'm fine being passed by more experienced and fit riders on race bikes, but my ego will not allow me to be passed by regular riders on race bikes (at least not easily :wink: ).

Thank you all.

http://www.specialized.com/ae/en/bikes/ ... rrus#specs
http://www.specialized.com/ae/en/bikes/ ... disc#specs
http://www.giant-bicycles.com/en-us/bik ... ifications
http://www.decathlon.co.uk/btwin-fit-5- ... 39798.html


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    On a drop bar you can ride in the drops, on the tops or on the hoods. All of which adds to your comfort as you're not stuck in one position.
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    I've got a Sirrus Elite (2010) - it's a good bike but not as fast as my road bike, mainly due to the more upright riding position and wider 28mm tyres.

    If you want to be able to keep up with amateurs with drop bars, it will be really hard on a Sirrus. If you're riding alone to get fit it will be okay to start with, but if you are planning ride with other experienced roadies with drop bars, I would think you should go for a road bike, which is also more comfortable for long rides.