Pedal and shoe stack height and, unrelatedly, knee tracking

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Hi, I am currently using Bont Vaypor shoes with Ultegra 9000 Pedals. Before this I was using Sidi Genius Pro 5 shoes with Look Keo Classic Pedals. I am aware that the stack height of my current setup is lower than my previous one. How much should I have to lower my saddle to make the new setup feel normal ? Thanks! :D

Also, does anyone have experience with bad knee tracking ? It feels as though all my power comes through my left leg which tracks well and my right knee tracks very badly and feels bad to cycle. All advise is appreciated.


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    Stand on the pedals in the 6 o'clock position and measure the distance between the saddle and your pubic bone and do the same procedure with your old shoes and pedals on.
    Could be a cool trick to do on some rollers