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Great War



  • ProssPross Posts: 34,835
    This is one of the books I have read

    it was pretty interesting though obviously concentrated on just the one battle on the one front. I loved Dabber's summary :lol:
  • Paulie WPaulie W Posts: 1,492
    bompington wrote:
    Paulie W wrote:
    bompington wrote:
    Paulie W wrote:
    Hopefully we can at least all agree Gove is a bell end after his comments.

    (though hopefully most of us knew that already)

    Gove is close to the most objectionable Tory of the last 30 years which is saying something. ... s6FnuRg9K8
    Saying ‘I hate Michael Gove’ now works as a kind of password that grants one entry into the inner circle of polite society.

    Or makes you a good judge of character...
    Which is precisely the problem - the assumption that everyone who votes the same way as me is noble, pure and intelligent, whereas everyone who votes the other way is a nasty idiot. Statistically a bit unlikely isn't it?

    I think you are a bit preoccupied with the whole left-right thing as you often emerge to throw in this kind of comment - Gove appears a monumental censored regardless of his political affiliations which was my main point.
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