DURA ACE 9000 C24 CL - Rim Life

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Ok, sorry not sure if this should in 'Road Buying advice' as well / instead ?
anyway trying to decide on wheels, had some of the previous 7850 C24 , great but rim wear seemed quite rapid and at over £200 to replace a rim, its put me off.

any owners of either old or 9000 C24 wheels got any long term ride / wear reviews as i do like them but concerned about rim life.



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    The rims are machined the same so wear will be just as quick.
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  • I think they've only changed the hubs and the stickers, so I suspect rim life will be identical. It's a light rim, there is not much alloy to wear before they're done. People buy these wheels to do 5,000 miles per year, but that's not what they're for... hence the definition of training wheels and racing wheels
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    "there is not much alloy to wear before they're done" thats my concern...

    sorry i think my original post was a bit ambigous, what i meant to say was how are they in comparison to other factory buikt wheels i.e. Mavic for example. maybe i want the moon on a stick but trying to find durable / light and stiff wheelset !
    i guess everyone will shout HANDBUILTS at me .....have thought of that chap H Plus arhcetype and i do have some DT 240 hubs knocking around ....mmmmmm